A Message from our Chairman

We are proud to offer our ten years of water treatment experience to the world market. We go under the water treatment system and in this way the only feature that makes us superior to our competitors is that we know the importance of people’s most important consumption need is water. Inspired by ecosystems that have been created by God is good to analyse the needs of our era and are shaping our future accordingly.


In order to meet the increasing demand for drinking water day by day, we are committed to develop our talents in domestic water treatment equipment by combining today's technology with our employees who understand the importance of the business. We are aware of how valuable our job is, especially our children in terms of healthy growth of the human race and we lay claim to our job seriously.  At this point the reliability is the most basic element which motivates us when we are setting up a healthy future.


Richwater is growing with sure steps towards becoming a respected brand in the global arena. According to our long research and analysis of our requirements with advanced technology, manufacturing and quality control systems we have developed, our research activities are ongoing in terms of reduced maintenance requirements and being user-friendly about our own water treatment system. During our research and development activities, uncovering better quality products is always our primary production principle without compromising present quality. Today as in the past, no compromise on quality that represents us will be made in the future.


As the moves towards becoming an international brand, which contribute to the development of our company, our employees who serve us with outstanding dedication and attention, and our partners who continue their way with us, I owe thanks to all. 



Chairman and Chief Executive Officer